Club Smileyface meet #2 - Sunday blatt

Well we barely got over the epic day that was Saturday to find us all feeling rather nostalgic and bored in the afternoon.
After a text to Leo saying that i fancied driving to Windsor again as a joke
(But seriously it was a beutiful day and we were all bored), we scrathed around for a while, thinking of somewhere to go for a drive.
I looked around on the web and found this cool google map with good driving roads on it. One happened to be near Burntwood and started in Chipping Ongar on the B184.
This was convinient for us all to get to, so 3pm rolled up and we all agreed to meet at Sainsbury's car park in Ongar.
Once again i managed to get there first? 0_o and i live the furthest away lol XD
There we did a few quick checks and most importantly. Stickerage!!
The we set out scaring the crap out of locals and Sunday drivers lol. We started off we me leading which was a bad idea as im a bad infuence on the guys some what. This ended us up going quite fast down this rather open stretch of country side road. This was only for a brief moment though. It was rather good fun though.
The B184 has alot to offer, lots of open stretches and bendy stuff to keep you entertained.
Then Joe Lead in the later parts of the driving. I felt sorry for Leo though, at the back of the pack on boat spec suspension LOL XDD
You were doing a great job though dude!! ;)
Here are the pics from the day's antics. In as cronilogical order as i could sort them into ;)

Thanks for the pics Leo ;)

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