1st Club SmileyFace Meet. Windsor - May 09.

Well Saturday was such an awsome day. Set off home, bound for windsor.
Meeting time 10:30 at Harvester by the riverside. Get to the harvester for around 11. Waited five mins for Joe to turn up. Found Ben aka Dinnerman had been at Windsor since 10 lol. So Leo had to fetch him in his new Roadster. Once we all were together the awsomeness started to sink in. Leo getting his new roadster and becoming one of us was mainly to do with the occasion and celebrate it XD
It was a muggy, overcast day, but in the morning the weather was lovely as we watched an assortment of exotic and interesting cars go by, along with a handful of roadsters.
Then we headed down the road after a much needed drink and lunch to a pay and dispay area by the riverside which was perfect. We started the 1st meet off very well!
We just chilled out, had a good chat and did a bit of tinkering too.
Here are my pics from the day.

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