Winch bumper for trev.

Recently a friend of mine gave me first dibs on his old winch bumper. The price was right so i had to have it lol.
Sadly it looks like it has never seen a jet wash or even a clean. There was quite abit of mud to deal with before i went about de-rusting.
It hasn't taken much to get it off. I used some detox-c rust gel and left for 30-40mins. This then eats away the rust and turns the gel into a dark colour. You then wash off with water.
After succeeding from the gel. I have given it some anti rust metal paint and is now looking almost like new!
Next step is to get the old bumper off without too much hassle and get this hench piece on. There will be some slight trimming of the body to get a nice snug fit of the winch.
I look forward to having it up and running soon! Havn't been for a play in the mud for a while now lol

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