BDC Round 1 & GTR wheels!

Well round 1 was a success in my books as the car was spot on all day. It handled great after having the camber increased on the front and the rear toe'd in. I had a slight misfire due to factory coil pack playing up. The track itself was great, fast and flowing. All 3rd gear bar the last corner which was 2nd. The new short-shift that i fitted during the week also came into it's own on the day and was a pleasure changing down :)
Sadly i didn't get into top 16, but i'm not bummed as i was going to round 1 with it being a test bed for what i need to improve on for the coming rounds.
One of my decisions was to buy another set of wheels with tyres on so that i can simply throw another set on in the pits. This rids of the problem that is waiting for the tyre guy haha.
I have opted for a set of R33 GTR wheels in 17inch. Hopefully with my low power this will give me some advantage :)
I'm not bothered about the wheel arch gap that might appear with the 17's as it's all about the driving hahaha!!
Hopefully my media guy and very good friend of mine Jas from blog will be publishing his coverage from the event and pictures of my car will follow soon!!

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