BDC Round 5. Knockhill

Well round five was a big swirl pot of emotions. Saturday was almost a complete wash-out as my first and only practice session of the day was ruined by a newly fitted hydro handbrake failing on the first corner! So after spending all of Saturday trying to fix a brake fuid leak aswell as other hydro related issues i managed to get the car track worthy just in time for my qualifying runs!
I'd like to thank Ali at the garage in the pit area for spending alot of time getting the car sorted for me.
I managed to qualify 8th, which i was bound over by, after the day looked like it was down the pan.
Sunday started out with dry runs which opened my eyes to the corners i had to negociate. They took me back abit! I think they also had the same effect with the other drivers who were also finding it hard to get to grips with.
The car was still not feeling all that great. Standard handbrake was touch and go and car had developed a missfire. I managed to get a grip of the line and my confidence later on.
Thanks to Steve from Skylineowners who kindly helped me with the missfire problem which turned out to be worn plugs.
Here are a few still pics that i can find so far from my qualifying. I will add more when i can.

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