A Little Piece About Our Club

Just thought it was about time we showcase exactly what SmileyFace is. Originally it was a group of mates who ran Roadsters and loved to get their tails out. The big gaping grin of a MK1 and the happy-go-lucky popup lamps were the namesake of our club. Now our fleet has expanded to cater for other types of Japanese motors, big and small. So, without further ado...


Nissan Stagea
A big strong RB heart with more space and pace than the average estate car - Driven by Albert

Nissan Almera
Juiced up with all sorts of goodies, this ICE car powered our fridges at JAE when our hired generator packed in - Driven by Darren


Eunos Roadster Mk1
Just recently had the engine swapped, this BRG beast is once again ready for drift action - Driven by Joe

Eunos Roadster Mk1
From stock to moderately modded, this is my own little Mk1 - Driven by Leo

Mazda MX5 Mk2
This one is packing a big azz Jap-can for its exhaust. Has been known to wear a red Hardtop... - Driven by Bobby

Nissan Skyline & Eunos Roadster Mk1
GOK (Silver Roadster) was Ads first drifty car, recently replaced with a gorgeous R33 Skyline, as seen getting sideways below - Both driven by Ads

And a quick tiny mention to our non-Japanese support mobiles, Silvester (the Fiesta) and Ben's Transit CC (Focus Cab x).