SNP the great one!

As he got it. Minus the club sticker. That was the first mod.

Hardtop purchase on like day two of ownership...

Cleaned face with import plate and my offset plate bracket.

Starting to look good at this point.
Front lip from a Renault Laguna. (Minus some handsome devil holding
it in place for cheesey pic lol XD)

Painted calipers


All kitted up ready for offroad!

Before HSD's.

After.(Went for safe drop)

So i end this story thinkg how awsome Leo's roadster has turned out!! I love it!!!! GOK needs a clean up XD


  1. £5 at the homebase in Finchley will get you an outside jet wash! Only takes 5 minutes! Will have GOK shining in no time!

    Cheers for the story post, mate!

  2. Hehehe, np mate! Glad you like it. I have to avoid jet washes now. As they take the paint off GOK. Literally..... XD