Nurburgring trip

Well. Where do i start? hmm =/ =]
Ok. I basically finished typing up the "not long to go" post and went straight to bed for like 2 hours if that. Got up, had the strongest coffee ive had for a long time, to prep me for the long trip ahead to Dover and then across Belgium and Germany.
Got down to dover for 2:30am to be greeted by fellow roadtsers ready for boarding the 4:00am ferry.

The ferry journey going over took forever and i slept on the ferry but felt like a zombie after ¬_¬
Got to France for 7:30 and set off. We stopped a couple of times for a break etc... but we were on the road for a good 6 hours.
People say our roads are bad, but they havn't been to Belgium yet. It is like driving on the moon. Motorways have potholes the size of a smart car, and the bodgy repairs are just as bad.
We did however take a very nice, scenic route to Nurburg. But again the country roads in Belgium are terrible. I got airbourne at one poitn and apparently sparks were a common sight from the underside of Gok.

Then as soon as we entered Germany it was pure bliss!! Roads and countryside both awsome lol :D As were the local people greeting us as we passed by.

As you can i am a slow driver and was holding everyone up. Or was it the fact that everyone else at this point was getting all excited as they went round the bendy corners getting ever so closer to Nurburg and not me? :D
I opted not to take Gok out on the day that we arrived as i had a rather stupid problem with my wheel spacers that was stupid, because a certain stupid owner didnt tighten them correctly.
So i went down to the car park to bask in the awsomeness that was the Nurburgring.

The road leading down to the track.

Now some pics of Gok =]

Have thrown a few hunting pics in there for good measure =D
But all in all a more than epic trip and time spent there. By far by favourite place on earth!! Got to say, that it is alot more fun than drifting :D SHOCK!!!

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